Every once in a while I'll write something about one of my travels or about some place I've been or about travelling in general... or just post some snapshots from my travels. I've got lots more than posted here.

Maui, HI
May 2009


We spent a few days on Maui. We stayed at a B&B in Lahaina... drove to Hana... and drove up the west coast too.

Buenos Aires, Argeninta
December 2007

Pictures from a social club's Tango night


I took several snapshots around Buenos Aires... nothing earthshaking, but it might give a feeling of some of the city.

However, one evening I went to a social club where people get together to dance Tango (evidently several afternoons and evenings a week at this club). It was dark and the picutres are all (except for one) taken without a flash in available light. After several sets of people just dancing, the lights went out and attention turned to the small stage on the other end of the room ... and then they had the most fabulous Tango show with competition-level dancers! WOW!

Akihabara, December 2005
(pictures only)

On one of my trips to Japan I decided to take some pictures in and around Akihabara -- always a great place to visit.
Paris - January / February 2003 It's been quite a while since I've posted notes or pictures on any of my travels, so I decided to take my camera with me on our January / February 2003 trip to Paris (our third time there). I tried to take lots of pictures -- some of places, some that just seemed interesting, and at least one at every restaurant at which we ate. I've posted some of these pictures for our close friends and family.

San Mateo, California

Things of interest in and around San Mateo, California in Silicon Valley.


In 1996 I went to Mongolia as part of a small team to install wireless Internet sites. These include a lot of pictures in and around UlaanBaatar, Mongolia (including some interesting rooftops and universities).


I was asked to write a piece for a newsletter about one of my trips to Kyoto. It was too long to fit the space, so here's the full piece I wrote.

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