An eclectic collection of interesting things.

A catalyst... Synergy... who knows what it is, but very interesting things really do happen when eclectic ideas and people are thrown together. This site is a strange, but hopefully interesting, collection of a wide variety of information and ideas from various sources.




An autobiography of a World War II POW who survived the Bataan Death March is described here.

Between Silk and Cyanide

An interesting book I've been reading... written by the man who was in charge of agent's codes for MI8 during WWII. I'll try to write a review soon, but for now you can click to go to to find out about this book.



The performing art of Magic

SAM 94

Magic is a creative performing art. We have a variety of information on and related to magic and magicians. This site is the home of the Society of American Magicians Assembly 94 (SAM 94) which meets in Palo Alto, California.

Music and Film



How about something related to another performing art... music.

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