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A catalyst... Synergy... who knows what it is, but very interesting things really do happen when eclectic ideas and people are thrown together. This site is a strange, but hopefully interesting, collection of a wide variety of information and ideas from various sources.

NASFT Fancy Food Show San Francisco 2006
(pictures only)
I attended the Fancy Food show seeking information for some stories I'm writing for IEEE-USA's Today's Engineer. Here are some pictures of the foods (mainly cheeses) that I found most interesting at this year's show.
Scharffen Berger
(pictures only)
In 2005 I arranged a couple of tours of the Scharffen Berger chocolate factory in Berkeley for a group of friends.


These are pictures I took on a trip several of us took to a wonderful collection of tanks and other military vehicles by Jacques Littlefield. See


Landmines are small, destructive, and cheap devices scattered around various countries. These are links covering interesting ways to locate and destroy these nasty things.
World War II Prisoner of War (POW) Here you'll find information from a World War II POW who survived the Bataan Death March and then as slave labor in a Japanese coal mine near Nagasaki.
  Here's another interesting book I've read (a long while ago) about World War II: Between Silk and Cyanide   Written by the man who was in charge of agent's codes for MI8 during WWII)

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