San Mateo Citizens Services Academy

The Services Academy is "a comprehensive hands-on learning experience that gives participants an opportunity to interact with City staff and learn about the challenges facing municipal government today."

The second session of the academy is now already in session (March, 1997). You should contact the Police Department Support Services office at 415-377-4605 for more information on a future session. The academy is open to anyone who either resides or works in the city of San Mateo and who would like to learn more about your municpal government. They are already scheduling another session of the academy to begin in September 1997, so please call them now.

I'm attending this second session of the academy and will post comments, notes, and pictures at times during the three month course.

Glenn Tenney

Session 1: The City Council, City Manager, and City Clerk

I didn't bring my camera to the first meeting , so there aren't any pictures -- but there are pictures of the Councilmembers who were at our concluding dinner. The City Council made a short presentation describing their goals and vision of the City. When I asked what's different between the goals of today vs the goals of 10 or 15 years ago, the answer was that the current goals are better written and better stated.

The City Manager described the organizational structure of the city. Of interest was that the city staff are represented by nine different unions. The city also pays the Chamber of Commerce $25K per year for "advertising" and promotion of the city.

The meeting wrapped up with the City Clerk describing the functions she performs. Being the city's official "archivist" takes up a great deal of time --- plus she spends many hours of her own time talking with various community groups (primarily at schools).

Note: I've included pictures in all of the remaining presentations. This site may still be running on a slow link, so be patient...

Session 2: The Police Department

Session 3: The Public Works Department

Session 4: A Tour of parks and public works facilities

Session 5: The Parks and Recreation Department

Yet again, I was out of town...

Session 6: The Fire Department

Session 7: Emergency Services etc.

Ok, I'll admit it... I was out of town again. This was most upsetting since I'm an amateur radio operator and a member of the RACES program here in San Mateo. At least my trip was an interesting trip having lunch with a former director of the NSA... but that's another story!

Session 8: The Public Library

Session 9: The Community Development Department

Session 10: Personnel, Volunteers, Attorney and Finance

Session 11: Communications Dept. and more Police Dept.

Session 12: Concluding Dinner

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