Wireless at Universities in Mongolia

We installed a wireless network in Mongolia to provide Internet access to universities in Ulaanbaatar. The access to the Internet at-large is at DataCom's facility.

icsatelco This is an excellent example of what we found for telephone in Mongolia. This telephone pole is on the roof of the ICSA building. You can (barely) see some wires running off from this pole to the lower right corner. They are actually running wires from the roof of this building to another building to bring phone service there.

You wouldn't believe what we had to go through to get to the roofs of some of the buildings. Yes, this is a small hole in a 2 foot thick roof above a ladder made of left-over re-bar. icsa

But, once you got up on the ICSA roof it was a wonderful view. icsaroof

icsaroof2 And here they are about to place an antenna's mast into concrete on the ICSA roof.

ac This is the Academic Center.

The staff and students at CSMC are helping to install the antenna and cables on the roof. csmcroof

mtu Fortunately, the wireless routers can fit in even a very small room. This "copier closet" at the Mongolian Technical University had a copier, a few printers, a computer, and then we added a wireless router.

Here Mr. Bataa of DataCom is working with the faculty and staff at the National University of Mongolia to set up the wireless router in an office where they've already installed a 10-Base-T hub. num

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