Other Wireless Sites in Mongolia

We installed a wireless network in Mongolia to provide Internet access to universities and a few other sites in Ulaanbaatar.

The doors of the library in UlaanBaatar are huge, solid metal doors kept closed by large elastic bands. When you first walk through the doors of the library building the decorations in the lobby grab you.


Upstairs (through the door at the left of the lobby which is in this picture) you go to an office area as well as a suite of rooms that are the new Public Internet Center. When we were there, the PIC was still be constructed so a picture of an empty room might not be as interesting as the view from the PIC down to the library. It seems that most public access to the library is through the card catalog with the books being kept in stacks. pic

The United States Embassy was also being connected to this wireless net. This is a picture from the field in front of the embassy. This is also a good example that cattle roam the streets of UlaanBaatar... whenever and whereever they want. usem And this is a picture of the field from the embassy's driveway. usem2

usemroof We're trying to aim the antenna to get the best reception ... which was difficult since there were tall apartment buildings between the embassy and DataCom. usemroof2

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