Mongolian Music CDs

The album cover of the most interesting CD I picked up in Mongolia was:

Enchanting Mongolia

Traditional Mongolia Music
Produced by: Stefan Körbel (PF 106; 10266 Berlin; Germany)
Special thanks: Roozon Enkhbat, Natsaglin Jantsannorov, and all involved artists!
Mastered by: Christian Ulrich
Recorded April 7-9, 1993, Ulaanbaatar with Dat recorder Sony TCD-3D and two UM 70 microphones.

Example of this CD

Two small clips from this CD are especially interesting. These are in AIFF format 11khz samples at 8 bits mono. The CD sounds much better, so I hope you'll try to find the CD. These clips are rather large -- so be patient..

The first track begins with instruments, and then some spoken Mongolian. Here's a small clip of spoken Mongolia.

I had asked if anyone can translate it, and Buyana Galbadrakh graciously replied:

Here is the translation of the clip of spoken Mongolia:

"At the heart of central asia, keeping our ancient history and culture till today, our Mongolia is called the country of blue sky. You're lucky that you get to hear the music of endless blue sky. This endless blue sky is only above the limitless sandy dessert."

I see that it's loosing some of the meanings in the translation... it sounds better in Monglian, but anyways, have fun and thank you very much for creating this site. I've being looking for an audio khoomie for my boyfriend and looks like I got it.
Thanks again, sincerely Buyana Galbadrakh

The other interesting thing is what I was told was called "long music". I'm quite familiar with the throat singing of Tuva, and asked if long music might be throat singing. YES! Here's a clip of Mongolian throat singing. It's very moving! It's also quite different from the throat singing of Tuva.

If you found this interesting, I can also highly recommend the movie Genghis Blues -- about a San Francisco musician's journey to Tuva to compete in a national throat singing competition... a great story with great music! (available on DVD, VHS, and a CD soundtrack too)

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